Fire prevention agents

New and innovative fire prevention agents

Xpyro’s new and innovative fire prevention agents offer a fast, safe and efficient way to prevent wildfires and forest fires. Thanks to Xpyro’s fire prevention agents, unforeseen firefighting strategies can be used.

Xpyro Bonsoguard – Environmentally sound fire prevention for demanding sites

A safer environment for tomorrow. Xpyro’s ecological fire prevention agents help to solve a major global problem. The Bonsoguard product family is a culmination of over a dozen years of product development, and it has been awarded the Finnish Security Award 2018. Xpyro Bonsoguard fire prevention agents are a cost-efficient solution for anywhere where there is a need to limit a possible wildfire or forest fire before it becomes uncontrollable. The currently available firefighting agents and strategies alone are not sufficient to manage the ever-growing wildfire problem. Bonsoguard fire prevention agents offer a more effective, innovative firefighting strategy that cannot be achieved using traditional methods.

Xpyro Bonsoguard products (patent pending) are not traditional firefighting agents. Bonsoguard Prefirex is a proactive fire prevention agent that is sprayed on the ground as a chemical firebreak to prevent wildfires and forest fires in fire-prone areas. Non-toxic Bonsoguard Prefirex can be sprayed to form a firebreak in a designated area using existing firefighting equipment. The width of the firebreak depends on the vegetation and other environmental conditions. The firebreak prevents the fire from spreading, and it can be used for directing an aggressive fire front in a required direction. Once sprayed, the chemical firebreak will be functional for several weeks in ideal conditions.

Bonsoguard Smolderex is an effective post-fire agent for extinguishing smouldering underground fires. It penetrates even the driest soil and efficiently extinguishes peat and other smouldering fires. It is non-toxic, and the remains are absorbed in the soil.

In addition to efficient firefighting impact, Bonsoguard products can be used to prevent reignition. The Xpyro products are ideal for proactive wildfire prevention, and they are fast and easy to spray using existing firefighting equipment. The Bonsoguard fire prevention agents are also a cost-efficient way to proactively prevent wildfires and minimise their high human and financial toll.

As much as 10 to 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions can be eliminated by using Bonsoguard. For example, peat fires in Indonesia are responsible for some 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Xpyro Bonsoguard Smolderex is an ecological solution for extinguishing peat fires. There is a global problem – and we are a part of the solution!

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Xpyro Bonsoguard products

Our fire prevention agents are non-toxic and environmentally sound.

They do not leave harmful residues in the environment, nor are there any unwanted side effects.

Any residue left will act as a fertiliser.

There are no harmful emissions to the atmosphere.