Towards a safer world

The story of Xpyro Ltd started in 2006, when the Finnish Defence Forces were talking about a new kind of fire prevention agent. They needed an efficient and inexpensive way to extinguish fires in vast, remote areas where traditional firefighting methods are not sufficient. Our experts, who had dozens of years of experience in fire safety, took on the challenge and started to develop an innovative fire agent and system that would be suitable for even the most demanding conditions.

R&D is still at the heart of Xpyro. For us, innovation means meeting our customers’ needs by developing even more reliable, easy-to-use and cost efficient firefighting systems – products that save lives and minimise material losses. One of the cornerstones of our research is to ensure that our products are safe for their users and to the environment.

Safety is one of the prerequisites of a good life. Our mission at Xpyro Ltd is to help individuals, families, companies, organisations and therefore the entire society to live and work in a truly safer way, not just feel safer.